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Join My Website

G’day, Arkforest here.

You may have noticed I’ve been absent for some time. I’ve been reconsidering the direction I wanted to take with Arkforest. Now I’ve set up something you will want to join. I have revamped my website so that you can join, become a member, and be part of a community of individual people who can bond together over many things, not just my music. You may have found me from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, et cetera, and by joining my website forums, no one is left behind. You can visit the forums at arkforest dot net forward slash forums, and you can simply register by going to the log in page and clicking where it says register. Then you can edit your profile, introduce yourself, and be a part of the festivities here. You can get sneak peeks at music and art I’m working on, and you can even have a valid say on my music and my content. Join now.

I’ll see you at the club.

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