With a melancholy and energetically bittersweet sound that reflects his quirky genius and wistful loneliness, Brisbane-based songwriter and producer Arkforest has crafted a musical caricature for himself that captures the beautiful and ugly aspects of his unbridled imagination.

With many musical influences ranging from Boney M, Claude Debussy and Yoko Kanno to Arkasia, Slipknot and XXXTENTACION, he can piece together a new song as easily as solving a puzzle. Despite this, loneliness and rejection has plagued most of his life. After finding God later in life, Arkforest has changed his music style significantly to stray away from the evil side of his older music so that he can cultivate a kinder and more forgiving personality and musical style to reflect his more wholesome life trajectory.

The future was once dark for Arkforest, but now it is so much brighter. Keep the name Arkforest on your mind while you anticipate his next move.